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S. Boyd Taylor for Dummies

A Reference Guide for the Rest of Us

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S. Boyd Taylor
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This is the blog for writer S. Boyd Taylor.

I write weird stories, do martial arts, play a sword-fighting game called Amtgard, read, try to teach myself random languages (usually unsuccessfully), research esoteric subjects, study philosophy as only a short-attention-spanned amateur can, and generally stay busy.

I'm on twitter here and on facebook here. Stop on by!!

Writing credentials:
See http://sboydtaylor.wordpress.com/about/

Martial Arts credentials: I have competed and won 28 medals at multiple international tournaments, including Taiji Legacy and the Chicago International Wushu-Kungfu Federation Tournament.

I currently study:
* Cheng and Liang styles of Baguazhang
* Sun, Yang, Wu, and Chen families of Taijiquan
* Hebei style Xingyiquan

I have previously studied:
* Tae Kwon Do (black belt)
* ShorinRyu Karate (brown belt (3rd kyu))

Also, in Amtgard, I am part of the Justicar Battle Company.

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