S. Boyd Taylor (sboydtaylor) wrote,
S. Boyd Taylor

Trifecta - Even Better

I guess I'm probably pre-empting what I know is going to be two-to-three days of no Trifectas because of FenCon, but I got a really good Trifecta in today.

Martial Arts - Xingyi: Eight Posture Hammer, 5 Element Linking Form, Taiji: Yang Family 24 Posture Form. And my knee is getting much better.

Music - Guitar: Practiced two of my songs, including my fancy one, and the rhythm started coming back.

Writing - Downloaded StoryBox* and got my character lists, location lists, and stuff done. Started figuring out what I don't know that I need to know -- like "Why is my villain doing this?" and "What about these two major characters, they don't have anything to do." and "How can I make my hero's life more difficult because right now he has everything he wants?" Also: +2,000 words

*StoryBox is a Scrivener clone for Windows. It's nice, but not as fully featured yet. I'm very hesitant to move my word files into it, so I'm mostly using it for notecards and plotting. StoryBox is a one-man operation, and I give him kudos for what he's managed to do. But I'm worried when Scrivener comes out in Windows it'll shut him down.
Tags: trifecta, update
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