S. Boyd Taylor (sboydtaylor) wrote,
S. Boyd Taylor

Trifecta -- A pretty good one, too

Martial Arts - Xingyiquan. Completed 5 Element Linking Form (Wu Xing Lian Huan) and 8 Posture Hammer (Ba Shr Chui). Since my knee is still sprained, I am barely walking through these. But I am also doing balance board exercises, and that's helping speed my recovery.

Music - Guitar. Played my 3 songs. Added a couple of levels of complexity to When the Saints Come Marching In, and I pulled it off! Woo hoo! Also messed around with a few different rhythms. Starting to think that I play a guitar like most people play a bass.

Writing - Rewrote chapter 1 from scratch. It was already good, and now I think it's even better. +500 words.

Tags: trifecta, update
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